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quartermaster shop and frontier classics. 19th Century (1800s) / victorian clothing & uniforms

19th Century Wardrobe / Clothing: All

   American Civil War Uniforms:
      Confederate (C.S.A.) Enlisted and NCO uniforms
      Confederate (C.S.A.) Officer uniforms
      Union/Yankee (U.S.A.) Enlisted and NCO uniforms
      Union/Yankee (C.S.A.) Officer uniforms

   Childrens Clothing: Boy's and Girl's
      Boys Clothing: Pants, Shirts, Suspenders, Hats
      Girls Clothing: Dresses, Bonnets, Hats, Underpinnings

   Indian Wars Uniforms:

   Ladies Clothing:Aprons, Accessories, Capes, Dresses, Bonnets, Hats, Shoes and Boots, Vests, Underpinnings
      Ladies Dresses:Hoop Dresses, Bustle Dresses, Riding Habits
      Ladies Shoes and Boots:

   Mens Clothing:Coats, Cravats, Capes, Drawers, Dusters, Hats, Long Johns, Pants, Shirts, Shoes and Boots, Slickers, Suspenders, Unionsuits, Vests
      Mens Boots and Shoes:
      Mens Hats:Bowlers, Derbys, Top Hats, Mexican / Spanish Hats and Sombreros

   Mexican War Uniforms:

   Spanish American War (Span-AM) Uniforms:

Props for 19th Century (1800s) Military & Civilians: leathergoods, personal items, musical instruments. view cameras, etc.

19th Century Props

   Cooking and Eating Utensils: Baby Bottle, Canteens, Cookware (post & pans), Cups, Dinnerware, Forks, Knives, Mugs, Plates, Spoons, Wash Basins
   Musical Instruments Bones, Bugles, Concertinas, Rope Tension Drums, Fifes, Harmonicas, Jaw Harps, Penny Whistles
   Soaps Powders:
   Tinware: Baby Bottle, Canteens, Cookware (post & pans), Cups, Dinnerware, Mugs, Plates, Wash Basins
   Toys and Games: Balls, Battledore & Shuttlecock, Cup & Ball, Bilbo Catcher, Chalk, Dolls, Game of Graces, Hopscotch, Jack, Jacobs Ladder, Knucklebones, Marbles, Nine Man Morris, Nine Pins, Pick-Up Sticks, Quoits, Rolling Hoop Toy, Slate Boards, Tops, Whirli-Gigs, Yo-Yo

19th Century Set Dressing
   Barrels, Buckets and Kegs: Barrels, Boxes, Buckets, Crates, Dippers, Ladles, Pails, Spigots

19th Century Saddles Tack

19th Century Weapons


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